NASCAR to clamp down on pitroad speeding during qualifying

NASCAR will now enforce pitroad speed limits during knockout qualifying in the Cup Series, beginning this weekend at Fontana.

In a memo distributed to teams on Wednesday, NASCAR said that any driver who exceeds pitroad speed limits joining the track must returned to pitroad before setting a qualifying time.

If a driver exceeds pitroad speed while returning to pitroad, the qualifying speed on the previous run(s) will be disallowed.

NASCAR has clamped down on speeding because it has noticed several instances on pitroad in 2019 that could have led to unsafe situations and it felt they needed to put an end to the practice.

Combined with more teams drafting in Cup qualifying this year due to the new aerodynamic rules, there were concerns more incidents could occur.

The most obvious result from the change is that teams will have to factor in the reduced speed on pitroad when trying to time last-minute runs during qualifying rounds.

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