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Steiner: Haas F1 critic Racing Point should ‘think before it talks’

Haas boss Gunther Steiner says previous critic Racing Point should “think before they talk” in reference to the similarities between its rival’s 2020 Formula 1 car and Mercedes’ 2019 challenger.

In its previous guise as Force India, Racing Point questioned the technical relationship between Haas and Ferrari and their cars’ shared characteristics after Haas’s “magic” Australian Grand Prix performance in 2018.

Racing Point has deliberately pursued Mercedes’ concepts with its 2020 design, a decision that Steiner said vindicated Haas’s relationship with Ferrari.

“Sometimes you have to think before you talk, I will say that one, because maybe one day it’s your turn and then you cannot go against [it],” said Steiner, when asked if Racing Point’s design justified Haas’s approach.

“As we all know, they complained quite heavily a few years ago, so now it is going full circle.

“It is up to them. I don’t really care.”

Why even more brutal honesty from Steiner may shock

Steiner stressed, however, that he did not have a problem with Racing Point’s decision to go down the Mercedes route with its new car.

“I would put it like this: they use a lot of Mercedes parts on their car, so why why would they go and copy a Red Bull?” he said.

“It’s the same with us. We buy a lot of parts from Ferrari.

“So which car are we going to copy? I guess a Ferrari.

“If you will copy a Toro Rosso or a Red Bull we would be pretty stupid because we would try to invent something which is not there.

“So I think they’re just doing what we are doing: just trying to get the best out of it and use that model.”

AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost said he was not surprised that the Racing Point and Mercedes cars look similar, based on the fact that they share suspension and gearbox designs.

“There’s a cooperation as we know, between Racing Point and Mercedes,” explained Tost.

“They have the rear end, they have the [Mercedes] rear suspension.

“I don’t know how much they have from the front suspension and from the aerodynamic point of view, as normally this is listed.

“But I accept… or let me say it in this way, I see that Racing Point went into the same direction of the development, and they have come up to similar solutions.

“But everything is within the regulations.”

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